1 – Can I use Ervamatin after showering with damp hair then blow-dry it?

(Ans.) Ervamatin is a non-greasy hair lotion and it will not change the look or feel of your hair, so please use Ervamatin after you blow-dry your hair.

2- How long should I wait before I notice a difference?

(Ans.) If you use the product as directed i.e. massaging Ervamatin into the Scalp for 30 seconds twice daily you will see results in three weeks.

3 – Can I use Ervamatin with other hair treatment ?

(Ans.) There is no need to use any other product while using Ervamatin.

4- Is it likely that hair fall may increase initially after I start using Ervamatin? If so for how long?

(Ans.) During the initial two weeks of using Ervamatin one may see some excess hair loss, which is a result of weak hairs falling off. This lost hair will soon be replaced by stronger and healthier hair.

4 – Also, is it possible that after starting to use Ervamatin, there is no initial increase in hair fall and after one month or so, the hair gets to thicken and becomes dandruff free and gets better with continual usage?

(Ans.) Yes, this is also possible depending on the age, physical and emotional health of the individual using Ervamatin.

5- For how long (in terms on month) should I need to use your product? Will my hair start to fall again if I discontinue to use Ervamatin?

(Ans.) Individual using Ervamatin will have to undergo the treatment for at least six months to regain at least 75% of their lost hair. After the treatment is complete the patient will have to use Ervamatin sparingly i.e. 3-4 times a week to maintain his/her newly grown hair.

6 – Can I use oil or hair gel along with Ervamatin because my hair is always dry?

(Ans.) The effects of Ervamatin can be seen after at least two months of use when the patient’s hair begins to get thick and shiny. Till such a time any individual with dry and fragile hair should use hair oil or gel sparingly.

7 – What are the pros and cons and the possible consequences of using Ervamatin?

(Ans.) The pros are you could end up regaining you self esteem by looking and feeling better and the con is you could end up buying the six months supply to complete your treatment for hair loss/baldness.

8- How many bottles should I order first to see any effective change in the hair?

(Ans.) A month supply of Ervamatin Hair Lotion. Is 2 bottles of 200ml, we recommend the treatment for at least 3 months, so around 6 bottles.

9 – Also as I have read DHT is the main cause of Hair Loss. How does Ervamatin fight DHT?

(Ans.) Ervamatin will directly act on the root of your hair. The essential herbal extracts that are present in the lotion inhibits the effects of DHT and helps the hair roots to regain strength thus improving the look and feel of your hair.