I have curly hair. So, for a long time I used many strong products to straighten my hair. I have a very sensitive scalp, and the use of those products caused my hair to fall a lot. I was desperate, I loved my hair, and it was disappearing. My main concern was that the use of hair growing products would only worsen my condition. And then I discovered Ervamatin! A 100% natural product, that didn’t pose as a threat to my scalp. Other products caused a burning sensation, and simply didn’t work. But after I started using Ervamatin Shampoo and Lotion not only my hair fall stopped, but new hair began to grow. It saved me and my self-esteem!! It works!!!

I tried everything, lotions, shampoos, scalp massages, all with no results. Only with Ervamatin Power I was able to stop my hair from falling. Not only that, after a few months new hair began to grow. It is incredible.

I had already tried many different products, and nothing worked. And then a friend recommended ervamatin, and in little time I had incredible results.

The biggest problem about baldness is the effect is has on your self esteem. It makes you feel ashamed, shy and sad. With ervamatin I recovered the joy of living, and also the joy of going out and having fun with my friends, ervamatin gave me my self esteem again.

Up until some months ago, I spent fortunes on hair saloons to achieve a strong and healthy hair. Before I had dull, weak and brittle hair. With the constant use of ervamatin, I started saving money. And now I have a shinny thick hair

Unpleasant, that is the only word I have to describe how I saw my dull and lifeless hair. When I began using ervamatin, I got incredible results, now my hair is much more beautifull and healthy too.I don´t change ervamatin for anything, I I reccomend it to my friends all the time.

When I began the treatment I was almost Bald, and week by week I noticed progress, every day, every week, I saw my hair growing.

The best thing about ervamatin is that it is a natural product, and it is simple and easy to use.